The face behind the brand

I've always been a visual storyteller and an explorer at heart. I think it's in my blood. I've had the opportunity to wander and travel places afar--15 different countries to be exact, and meet people from various walks of life. My curiosity and love for learning resulted in a Masters in Journalism and opportunities to work for a Fortune 500 company outside Chicago as well as a local non-profit here in Nebraska. Ultimately, my desire to create a business and brand I loved and could stand behind with purpose and passion led to Slice Studios being born in 2010.


I've had the opportunity to capture the moments where two people pledge their heart to each other before God, baby's first seconds on earth as they are placed in their mother's arms, the moments where those babies grow and get ready to live out their dreams, loved ones last goodbyes, business owners and makers that are passionate in their specialized arts, and so many places in the early hours or morning or at golden hour when the fields glow and the time stops for the faces the shine suns on.


On December 1st, 2014, my world shifted. I became a mom. And, from that point on, I viewed the world through an entirely different lens.


My two little ladies keep me on my toes; and, most importantly, make me stop and appreciate all the wonders that they are figuring out about the world. They make me want to capture the real moments--crazy as they get--and focus on making our communities better places to thrive.


I've lived on the East Coast, outside of Chicago, and a wonderful neighborhood in Lincoln; however, after the girls were born, my husband and I decided to raise them closer to our roots. We've always loved the Bohemian Alps; the rolling prairies, fresh air, quaint surrounding small towns, family members who are near, and people who seem to be so focused in the present.


I am truly thankful for the local families and businesses who have opened their hearts and allowed me to tell their stories in a way that creates a legacy of their art and works of life. I truly believe we were all born to create and contribute our talents to the world, and love to collaborate with other people to make our local schools, businesses and rural areas safe, innovative, clean and attractive for future growth in a positive direction. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to talk photos or special art projects, business/parenting goals, community efforts, or Neapoliton-style pizza.




Located in the heart of the Bohemian Alps, Dwight, Nebraska.


402. 641. 7499




"We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone."